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Our Project Consultants will review your work and will provide you with a clear detailed estimate. Upon hiring us to perform your project, you will be invited into our group communication App, and a Certificate of Insurance naming you and your property as additionally insured will be presented to you before the work begins. We use the App to communicate between all the teams assigned to your bathroom remodel, as well as share images and project specific files. This allows us to address and discuss changes and issues, to your bathroom renovation, in real time. We will begin by creating a 2D floor plan that is used for permitting and planning. This plan will represent the scope of work our trade professionals will follow to complete the bath renovation. You will then be introduced to our trade partners that will help with your tile design and material selections. By partnering with respected trade vendors, we can provide excellent service and coordination throughout your project. We only start your bath renovation when all the necessary finish materials are ready for delivery. This will allow us to expedite the completion of your project. Each renovation is overseen directly by Paul Badolato, our owner and founder. Having an expert with over 25 years’ experience in the residential bathroom renovation industry, provides you the confidence and peace of mind to know that your bathroom project will be completed with the quality, experience and service, you deserve.

We offer simple payment options and even financing. At our firm, bath renovations are affordable for everybody.

We are so sure about our work that we provide a three-year warranty and a certificate of completion.

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Wall-Mounted LED Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are not just a mere bathroom addition; they’re a must-have necessity. Most of us start our day with a trip to the bathroom. We get ready in the morning in front of the bathroom mirror. Make sure your morning routine starts off on the right tone with the radiant, bounce-back lighting of Pro Renovation Masters NJ’s Marquee Series LED lighted bathroom mirrors.

An LED lighted mirror is an essential décor piece that flawlessly marries tasteful design with high-tech functionality. Featuring a graceful border of frosted glass, the lighted mirror provides a soft, filtered light that doesn’t compromise the reflective quality of the mirror. The built-in luminous LED light panels are made with fine-quality materials and can perfectly interact with your bathroom’s main source of lighting. So you don’t have to worry about the different light sources clashing.

The modern designs of this mirror collection allow it to be seamlessly incorporated in any contemporary bathroom. The backlit, wall-mounted mirrors are as functional as they are tasteful. Promising energy-efficiency (no sky-high energy bills) and a discreet hardwired electrical setup (no visible wires) make these lighted mirrors a worthy addition to your bathroom.

Shop for your bathroom lighted mirror today from Warmly Yours’ wonderful Old-Hollywood inspired collection. If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling specialists in New Jersey that can help you with installation, get in touch with us at The Powder Room Guys.

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